Our clients tell their story

I strongly recommend Mr Marco Oliveira and Mr Paulo Silva, they are highly professional and very attentive to your needs.

Anabela De A.

Very pleasant

Great service

Very easy to reach

Just great

I can only recommend this service


Exceptional service! Quick, simple, serious and very people-centric. I highly recommend it from every point of view. Thank you for everything, Mr Michael!

Gordana S.

Michael is very supportive consultant, always available and ready to answer every question any time. He helped me to find a bank when I urgently needed a credit in very short period of time. I was also updated on every step in the process. I strongly recommend Crédits Conseils!

Bea M.

Excellent job. Very responsive and helpful. I can strongly recommend CC Crédits Conseils to everyone. One will definitely have a higher chance to get a loan when applying through CC Credits Conseils. I even got a bigger loan than what I had requested.

Sina A.

Paulo Silva, thank you for your professionalism and diligence… he has my recommendation…

Luca S.

Mr Paulo Silva, top class, rapid and effective adviser. I can recommend

Maria C.

Thank you Marco Oliveira, What else is there to say, he does his job very well!

Alexandra D.

Thank you to Mr Paulo Silva for his professional advice and his collaboration, he was always ready to help and always answered within a few minutes, a truly TOP class service!

Bruno C.

Amazing service from CC Crédits! Michael is super helpful and friendly. He tried his best to help us get the best deal from the bank. With his help, we successfully got an offer from the bank and being paid in 2 weeks. Super punctual and professional.

Angela F.

I recommend this great team. It’s Mr Marco who helps me whenever I have questions and I am highly satisfied with everything he has done for my family, Thank you.

Afonso N.

A very patient team that is close to its clients. Thank you

Roberto L.

Loan illustration

Loan of CHF 10'000. Effective annual interests rates between 4.9% and 11.95% over a 12 month period lead to total interests of between CHF 261.80 and CHF 624.80.
Duration: 6-120 months; Maximum annual interest rate (including all loan handling costs) 11.95%.
Loans approval are prohibited if they lead to excess debt for the consumer. (Art. 3 LCD)